Mazel tov on your daughter's big day! So much of what you do to get ready for a Bat Mitzvah can be stressful and tiring, so when you are at the point of choosing Bat Mitzvah invitations, try to relax and enjoy this potentially fun activity. The invitation is the gateway to your daughter’s joyous event, and the right invitation is the ticket to letting your guests know who your daughter is.

While there are no rules for the kind of invitation to use, there are some general guidelines to help you get started. Without these guidelines, you might be overwhelmed at the many possibilities--from classic white invitations imprinted with gold lettering, to invitations with photos of the young lady, to invitations submitted on DVDs. Classic, contemporary, or creative, Bat Mitzvah invitations can be fun.

Your first consideration should be your daughter’s personality and taste. Is she sentimental? A tomboy? Does she love animals? What defines who she is? While it may seem obvious, start by asking her what she envisions for her Bat Mitzvah. Often the type of invitation and the overall theme will flow from her wishes.

If the Bat Mitzvah has a theme, it's great if you can tie the invitation into the overall theme. For instance, if your daughter’s theme is beaches and her mitzvah project is cleaning up a section of the beach, coordinate the invitation by using a picture of a beautiful shell on the invitation, or use a shell-shaped card. For the more extravagant, roll up an invitation and put it in a lovely shell. Then box it up with pastel tissue paper, and mail out an invitation no one will ever forget.

Keep in mind the tone of the event, as you choose invitations. Is this a formal event? If so, the invitations should lean towards formal. Is it a whimsical event? Again, the invitation should reflect this. Colors, types of paper, and design make a big difference in how the Bat Mitzvah will be perceived by your guests. Even the font you choose for the lettering on the invitation can help you set the tone.

Finally, it’s a good idea to order related items when you order invitations. This way you can coordinate the thank you notes, response cards--even napkins and yarmulkes.

Invitations to social events such as weddings, birthday parties and anniversary celebrations are a tradition which originated in medieval times with hand-written invitations sent by royalty, the members of high society, to their peers. The introduction of the printing press in the 13th century did not change the way invitations were created until the start of the 20th century, when presses could reproduce the calligraphy style of writing and offer personalization options. Calligraphy, a fancy form of writing, and the personalization of each invitation were the mainstay of invitations.

Presently, photo invitations are a popular way to personalize an invitation. The personalization is a representation of the sender instead of the receiver. Calligraphy personalized the name of the recipient with past invitations, whereas the photo invitation personalizes the sender. Photos of new babies and their parents, soon-to-be graduates, grooms and brides, anniversary and birthday subjects are the focus of the invitations, clarifying who of what upcoming event. Photo invitations are usually single panel printed on one side, and envelopes are provided at no additional cost.

Photo invitations are available from traditional storefront and online services. Card designs are numerous and showcased in a catalog for easy review. Once a card style is selected, text styles and phrasing is established. A photo or photos, either submitted as a paper copy or uploaded from a computer to the online service, is submitted for the invitation. Various paper sizes and colors are available to complement the photos. A photo card helpfully depicts the subject of the upcoming event, too, so the recipient has a visual reminder of the age and gender, ensuring the purchase of a present specific to the recipient.

Magnetic cards provide yet another innovative type of invitation. These magnets are generally 4-inches by 6-inches and are printed with a similar message as on any photo card.

Many storefront and online printing services also offer a do-it-yourself printing option. Once a customer has completed their design and message of an invitation, their order is transferred via a PDF file to the customer or saved on a CD. This allows the customer to print the desired quantity that they want, when they want.
When it comes to weddings, there certainly are a lot of things to consider and to get done before the big day. One of the more important items on the pre-wedding to-do list is choosing your wedding invitations. With so many options to choose from, how can you know which ones to buy? There are several questions you can ask yourself to help narrow down your search and lead you to the ones that will be perfect for your wedding.

1. How formal or informal is your wedding going to be? If you are going for formal, traditional wedding etiquette says that invitations should be printed on a heavyweight card stock in a white, ivory, or cream shade. Black classic fonts and perhaps a muted colored ribbon or slightly raised white or silver detailing is also appropriate. If you are going for less formal, the acceptable styles, colors, and themes are virtually limitless.

2. What is your wedding theme and color scheme? Typically your wedding invitations will be the first impression guests will have of your big day, so you will want to make sure you select a style that will accurately represent what you wish your big day to look and feel like.

3. How many wedding invitations will you need? Something as simple as invitations can add up quickly. The weight and quality of the paper, choice of ink color, and size can all effect the cost. So it’s a good idea to keep these things in mind as you consider which wedding invitations to choose, and also to set a budget at the onset so you don’t overextended yourself financially.

4. What’s the best way to have them made? The most economical way is to choose pre-made wedding invitations, though your options will be more limited. What a lot of people do is actually make their own. This affords a special opportunity to add a personal touch. But if you aren’t sure you have the time to create handmade wedding invitations, you could always go the custom-printing route which allows you to match your wedding theme and mood more precisely than pre-made invitations.

Overall, when it comes to choosing your wedding invitations, what it essentially comes down to then is choosing the ones which are both within your budget and will best reflect your wedding. If you keep these things in mind, you simply can't go wrong.

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If you're planning a wedding, an important element to consider is the invitations. The days of simple and elegant white invitations are past us, and couples have many options for what they want to do. Invitations today can involve bright colors, fun graphics, and even a number of other little extras. Theme weddings have become extremely popular, so if you are having one then you probably want a wedding invitation to go along with the theme.

One unique wedding invitation option is to make an invitation with some sort of adornment. This can be almost anything, from a small bow on the top to a charm dangling from the invitation. Anything that makes your invitation three dimensional and gives it a little bit of volume is a good adornment. These can go with any theme or color scheme. You can choose to simply do something in your colors, or add a charm to go with your theme, such as a flower, a castle, a heart or almost anything that you can think of.

A popular theme these days is to have a fairy tale or Disney themed wedding. In fact, many couples choose to have a wedding located at Disney World or Disneyland. There are plenty of Disney wedding invitations that can create just the right mood for your event. If you want to do something really fun, there are Mickey and Minnie invitations that use bright colors and fun pictures. If you're looking for something a bit more romantic and elegant, you can choose a design that features Cinderella and her Prince Charming, or the iconic Disney castle.

If you're going for a regal feel and want a "royal wedding," consider using scroll invitations. They are extremely impressive and exciting for guests to get in the mail, and they look great. You can order them from someone who will make them for you, and you just choose the colors and style that you want, or else you can try and make your own.

Finally, you can create a unique and fun wedding invitation by adding a personal monogram and logo. Many couples either design their own monograms or else hire someone else to do it for them. These are original pieces that feature either initials or the couple's names. They often have a fun picture to go with a theme as well. You can easily create your own personal wedding invitations just by putting such a monogram on the top.
Thanks to growing global awareness, it's easy to have a dream wedding that's environmentally friendly. Some companies specialize in products made from recycled and renewable sources, as well as event planning that's environmentally low-impact, yet impressive and elegant to the most critical eye. Even companies with a more traditional approach often offer a few options for the couple interested in keeping their wedding green. Many of these companies can easily be found online or listed with bridal vendor directories.

The smallest details can be chosen to indicate a commitment to the environment as well as each other, starting with the invitations. Recycled wedding invitations are available in an array of styles and materials, so choosing the perfect one to set the mood is simple. Carry the green theme throughout the event by choosing recycled favors, reusable tableware and table linens, and eco-friendly centerpieces. Live flowers instead of cut floral arrangements are not only earth friendly, but when offered to special guests after the ceremony, allow them to keep a lasting memento of the day. Soy candles instead of wax are another environmentally sound choice, and of course there's no better way to wrap up the event than by giving guests bird seed instead of rice to throw as the happy couple departs for their honeymoon, which can also be chosen with the environment in mind. There are destinations all over the world that offer romantic and earth conscious getaways.

It's not just the details that provide an opportunity to start life together on a green foot. A natural setting, such as a botanical garden, is ideal for making a beautiful, conservatory statement. In addition, choose a catering company that uses local, sustainable sources for their ingredients. Live acoustic music is not only an elegant touch, but also saves on the electricity a DJ or band would use. Vintage wedding rings, particularly family heirlooms, conserve resources and are tangible ties to a loving past and commitment to a happy future. Altering a beloved relative's wedding dress is another way to evoke the past and recycle a cherished memento, but if that's not an option, even bridal gowns are available these days in organic and vegetable-dyed fabrics.

With so many eco-friendly options, it might be worthwhile to hire an environmentally conscious wedding coordinator for guidance. That will save the couple's energy, which is one of the most important resources for any wedding.